Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unlucky for some - Hopefully not for me

Tomorrow (Monday 13th) I have a bit of a busy day with radio interviews. I'm at BBC Television Centre to do thirteen interviews for regional BBC radio stations.

Yup. Thirteen interviews on the 13th.

Good job I'm not superstitious eh? Some are going out live and some are being recorded (the ones I know are marked 'rec' below). The itinerary looks like this:

0930 - Radio York (rec)
0950 - Hereford and Worcester
1000 - BBC Tees (rec)
1010 - Radio Cornwall
1020 - BBC WM (West Midlands)
1040 - Radio Cumbria
1100 - Radio Gloucestershire
1110 - Radio Stoke
1120 - Radio Devon
1130 - Radio Solent (rec)
1140 - SCR (Southern Counties Radio)
1150 - Radio Manchester
1200 - BBC Essex (rec)

If you're not local to any of these stations you can always catch them via the internet and the BBC radio website. So if you fancy listening in, that's where and when I'll be on air as far as I know.

At least I'll be off air by 1300.


Janet said...

Wow! How will you remember what you said to whom and when?

Good luck with it all. I'll be in Canary Wharf all day.


PS I suspected I'd have 13 students on the 13th, but I'm told I might only have 7. Good. I like small classes.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Canary Wharf eh? That's a long way from Oxford (and nowhere near as nice). I'll be popping into Central London myself after the BBC. I'll wave in the general direction of the City. x

chris hale said...

Good luck with the interviews. We'll all be expecting an update tomorrow night!

Debby said...

Do not eat anything that sets your stomach to groaning. Those mikes pick up everything. Just a helpful tip!

Good luck!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - Thanks. I will.

Debby - I shall have a good breakfast and pray that it doesn't repeat on me. x

punk in writing said...

Best of luck!

And don't forget that 13 is a lucky number for quite a few people.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Punky - Oddly enough the producer who took me through the interviews was enjoying her birthday today. So it was lucky for her. And all went well!