Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two more ... that's probably enough eh?

Well, as you'd so kindly requested it, here are two of those interviews from yesterday. Well, one and a half. I never got around to ripping the second half of the Radio Tees broadcast and they've all vanished from the BBC i-player now. I chose two of the female interviewers this time as it was all blokes in the last batch I posted up.

As you can hear, all of the interviews were pretty much of a muchness. However, I must single out Radio Cornwall and presenter David White who was a tremendous laugh, asked some great questions and made much of my 'local boy' status despite the fact I've lived in or around London for 29 years; I only lived in Cornwall for 18.

A couple of the presenters really had no idea what the book was about (although one of them, to be fair, had just come back from holiday). One didn't mention the book at all, focusing solely upon my day job so that I had to steer him back to the matter in hand. And, despite what you may hear (a) I'm not yet retired and (b) the Problem Solving Unit is not based at New Scotland Yard. Territorial Policing - the overall arm of the Metropolitan Police of which my team is one small part - is based at NSY. My colleagues and I don't have offices or desks as such as we are expected to rove daily from borough to borough like curious members of some creative thinking nomadic tribe.

I hope you enjoy the interviews.


chris hale said...

Good stuff!

What is it with this Scotland Yard thing? Only the other day I was reading an article on an American newspaper website about the collapse of Icelandic banks. This newspaper mentioned the fact that several millions had been invested in these banks "by the Metropolitan Police Force, better known as Scotland Yard".

Jon M said...

Cor! Good interview. I've only been on radio a couple of times and I always sounded like a brainless eejit!

Stuart Peel said...

I've never been on radio, nor will I ever be unless it is due to coverage of my trial. I don't know how you sound so confident, because I think I would just stutter, panic and yell 'arse' ! But you did good.

As for the NSY I think I can explain. The press are in the business of jazzing up everything they write about, and Scotland Yard conjures up images of Sherlock Holmes. Whereas the Metropolitan Police conjures up images of committee meetings and Sir Ian Blair. Not as sexy is it ?

By the way I'm currently listening to the theme from 'Man About The House'. There's no hope for me is there ?

willow said...

Wow! I'm very impressed. How is it that I missed your police connection? My father was in police work, so I grew up in it, so to speak. Fascinating book.

I love how you say "water", BTW. ;^)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - It is an issue. I think Stu has hit the fish on the head (a much more interesting variant of an old cliche). There is a certain frisson of glamour in the name Scotland Yard that you simply don't get from Acton Nick. Whenever I have been in the USA on police business I'm constantly referred to as 'from Scotland Yard'. It's even more galling for my colleagues who may be from other forces outside of London.

Jon - Although radio is a new medium for me I've been 'performing' in front audiences - in one form or another - for most of my life. This includes prize-winning choir boy, fronting a rock band, amateur and semi-pro dramatics (I was in The Onedin Line and The Goodies you know), and, in recent years, 15 years of teaching and lecturing. Occasional appearances in court have helped too - thankfully on the prosecution side of the dock!

Stu - Man about the house eh? I suddenly saw an image of Alan Partridge listening to Theme from Black Beauty. Sad about Richard O'Sullivan though isn't it? Oddly enough I was playing the theme to the Tomorrow People yesterday. Remember them?

Stevyn Colgan said...

Willow - Well, it never came up did it? But yes, I've been in the old helmet and boots for 29 years now. And my Dad did it for 30 years before me.

I'm now listening to how I say water ... it's like 'Waw-ta'. I never noticed! Ha!

Stuart Peel said...

Oh I've performed the 'air' drum solo to 'The Return of The Saint' whilst waiting in a graveyard before now.

Tommorrow people were fab. As were Sapphire and Steel.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Stu - How do you know that Sapphire and Steel was any good? What in nine types of Hell was going on there?!

Stuart Peel said...

Two words - Joanna & Lumley. Enough said ?

Stevyn Colgan said...

Stu - Well, yes. That was certainly enough to make me watch the show. Watching and understanding are not necessarily the same thing though.

Katie said...

Ah thanks for these. I'm going to have to listen to these at home... work computer is a piece of shit. ;)