Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Sarah Palindrome

A short while ago, Mike Moran, editor of Times Online, kindly offered to run a special brand-new Round on the website. So, as from today, you can see my efforts - The Sarah Palindrome - online. It's a special commemorative US Presidential Election Round in which you'll learn a little about all four of the main contenders ... and why being Soapy isn't always a good thing. Read it here. And enjoy.

Oh, and sadly you won't be able to hear me faffing and stuttering on George Lamb's Radio 6 show on Tuesday as I've been bumped in favour of Tom Jones. But I'm not bitter. Far from it. I can now say that I was 2nd choice after Tom Jones. What man wouldn't be proud to say that?


Stuart Peel said...

It's not unusual.

I'm very sorry.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Why? Why? Why Delilah?

punk in writing said...

Because she's a lady!

Nice work on the Palin article. :)