Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Radio Blah Blah

Yesterday saw my first studio radio interview. I've done several by telephone and they went very well, but this felt like I was really doing something new; breaking new ground in my new career. So I travelled up to London to BBC Broadcasting House (above) for a studio feed with the Roy Noble Show on BBC Radio Wales. I was directed to Western House, just around the corner, where the interview took place.

Because it's all still a bit of a novelty, I've been grabbing copies of most of the interviews to listen to later (It's awful listening to your own voice isn't it?). Plus, my family haven't got to hear them so I wanted copies to bore them with. Ha! No escape.

Anyhow, I've decided to put some of them up here on the old blog. Then anyone can have a listen. So if you suddenly develop a strange, unnatural urge to listen to my blatherings, here are three blathers. They're all about 10 minutes long and cover much of the same ground.

I can't possibly keep or post all of the interviews I do because (a) there are lots (Next Monday alone I have 13 interviews to do for the BBC), (b) it would be a trifle egotistical, and (c) I'd bore you all to death, slowly and painfully.

And all you'd learn is endurance.*

*Joke (c) 1868 Neil Henson.

Interviews (c) 2008 the respective radio stations.


Janet said...

Fantastic! Can't listen at work but will later, at home.

Keep us posted as more "personal appearances" and interviews are scheduled!


Stevyn Colgan said...

Janet - You brave, deluded soul. They were al good fun but I realy enjoyed the BBC Wales chat with Roy Noble. Smashing chap. One thing I didn't mention in the post is that I was asked to sign a kind of guest book that's being auctioned for Children In Need this year. The book was nearly full and I felt both humble and delighted as I found myself sharing my signature (and a quick sketch)with hundreds of very famous stars, celebs and media people. I went all wobbly. x

Janet said...

Deluded soul here.

I've just listened to all three interviews. Roy Noble's IS the most interesting, isn't it? I enjoyed his sense of enthusiasm. (And the accent is charming, too.)

It was great fun to hear you talk about the genesis of the book...and to put a voice to your words.

And Chris has had his few moments of fame, too.


Stevyn Colgan said...

Janet - Do you have a window in your rubber bedroom or do the nice nurses worry that the outside world may over-excite you?

Janet said...

Stevyn, other than the "One Show" dance - and a couple of food quirks - I'm considered reasonably sane. At least that's what they said at the clinic when the white-coated-ones released me.

Seriously, I'm afraid I'm sometimes given to over-excitement. My parents used to enjoy embarrassing me by telling my "Kindergarten" story to people (expecially to my friends). Apparently, when I first started, I was VERY excited about going to school. When my folks had their first parent/teacher meeting, the teacher told them that I was just beginning to settle down a bit - "Janet finally seems to understand that going to school isn't a short-term experience but is going to last." was a good representation of the infamous quote.

Hey, my personal view is that there are worse things than excess enthusiasm!

And maybe being American has something to do with it???