Friday, October 10, 2008

New!! The Joined-Up Thinkers' Network!

At last! I've found a way* to create an easy-to-use networking site where you can suggest fascinating new connections and debate older ones, berate me over anything that I got wrong in the book and tell me what I should have written instead. Or you can just use it to chat to each other about things that you find interesting, fascinating, stimulating, curious or just plain odd.

"Wait a minute ... who are those guys?!"

As such, it will replace the current Joined-Up Thinking blog, which I will run down in due course. In the meantime, I'll copy your existing comments and suggestions across to the new forums (fora?).

The world in all of its multifarious glory is your oyster ... all you have to do is tuck in.

*Well, I say that but I did have a lot of help from a grown-up. My huge thanks go to Geoff Williams for suggesting this simple but effective solution to my needs.

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