Sunday, October 05, 2008

I see faces ... and I see a tummy upset coming

A face I spotted hidden within my phone charger this morning. I've been a trifle lax with the Dave Gorman-inspired I see faces posts of late. I can only put it down to being very busy.
We had a teensy soiree at the house last night to celebrate the launch of the book. It was all quite impromptu and consisted of family, neighbours and those good friends of mine who live within a sensible distance enough to be able to just 'pop in'. Much quality food (Haribo mostly) was consumed, corks were popped and casks broached. I had some lovely cards and this extraordinary pressie from the missus:

Yup, three types of organic handmade chocolate and a personalised message. It looks almost too good to eat doesn't it?
But not quite.


doctawho42 said...

Just found your blog. Not sure how or why or what or where from, but here I am. I would like to present an award to you...*hands over awardy type thing* For being the best and most unexpected blog I've found all month. Well done.
I might even (when I get some money) buy that book of yours, which does sound good. Also, how did you manage to mirror all my intrests? I haven't told anyone I like Tom Hodgkinson. Weird.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Pleasure to have you on board, Docta. And there's nothing wrong with liking Tom. He's a throughly nice chap.

punk in writing said...

That chocolate looks so lovely I just had to make a trip to the vending machines here at work and get myself a cocoa-fix.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Ah, the power of blogging! That we can influence people's eating habits 1000s of miles away!

willow said...

Fun to see this little tall headed guy peeping at me from the thumbnail on my sidebar! His face is even more recognizable from the small pic. :)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Willow - You're right. He looks great!

Janet said...

Nothing says love - and CONGRATULATIONS - better than chocolate!

Your wife is a woman after my own heart!