Monday, September 15, 2008

We were made for each other (not)

I'm not a political animal by any stretch of the imagination but, while digging out some information on a related topic, I read my way through several biographies of vice-presidential wannabe Sarah Palin. And I was horrified! I discovered that she is:
  • Pro-gun and a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.
  • A Creationist.
  • Opposed to single sex relationships.
  • Opposed to abortion.
  • Pro-hunting and bloodsports.
She has stated that she does not believe that global warming is caused by Man (What?!) and has opposed ‘endangered species’ status for the polar bear and beluga white whale as it will adversely affect the Alaskan oil and gas industries.

And some people have pointed out McCain's curious choice in selecting a person to hold what is arguably the second most powerful job in world politics ... when that person only obtained a passport for the first time in 2007.

If I were to design a score-card that listed everything that would worry me about a US presidential or vice-presidential candidate, she would score maximum points. I just hope that America, as a nation, can see through the 'oh look, it's an attractive woman' smokescreen that the Republicans have thrown up. Otherwise, forget reducing carbon emissions and enjoy ever more turbulent weather; forget your right to love and marry who you want to; forget your right as a woman to terminate an unwanted or even forced pregnancy; forget sensible and informed foreign policy (I've been to seven times more countries than she has); and say goodbye to the beluga whale and hello to a lot more environmental destruction. But at least the oil and gas barons will get a bit richer.

But won't our moose head trophies and polar bear rugs look nice?

I'm sure Sarah will shoot them for you if you ask nicely.


punk in writing said...

I'd like to quote David Bowie...

Janet said...


The more I think about Gov Palin's choice by the Republicans, the more offended I become. How could they POSSIBLY imagine that this woman could draw the "Hillary" vote from distraught Democrats???

She terrifies me. And you know, it's not at all impossible that she could become US President in a few years.

God help us all.


PS Stevyn, I've posed a challenge for you over at Lord Celery this morning!

Stuart Peel said...

This is particularly worrying as McCain is 72 and has had several cancer scares, so she could conceivably end up with the top job. A job that she is spectacularly unqualified for, and with policies that make most right-thinking people shudder. What's the world coming to ? This.

Debby said...

The Republican party has been always ready to do the bidding of big business. That's the way of it.

Although I am a Democrat and believe firmly in everyone's right to make their own life choices w/o government butting in, I do have to say that my husband (Democrat as well) is a hunter. The bloodsport brings food to our table. He hunts for food, and the backbone of our diet is venison, squirrel, wild turkey, and fish. He keeps our freezer stocked. We eat the inners, but if the outers are exceptional for any reason, off to the taxidermist shop it goes. In a casual glance about me, I see a stuffed brook trout, a record setter in 1983, a deer head surveying me from the vaulted ceiling, a rattle snake skin. There is also, above the patio doors, a plaque with four deer hooves pointed skyward, it's purpose in life to hold Tim's fishing pole. I hate that. It looks like the deer is flipping us off, but his mother had that made for him from one of his first deer, and it has sentimental value. Gak. But I digress...what I'm saying is that there is a reason to hunt. If you are referring to trophy hunting (which is going after an animal simply for an impressive taxidermy display), I'd side with you. But hunting for food...I consider that practical. The steak you eat, or the eel, in it's butter and garlic (shudder) was once a living thing. It died to grace your table. The difference is we do it ourselves. Um. I also should mention that we butcher our own meat as well, wrapping, grinding, etc. I do take part in that.

Obama in '08!

chris hale said...


A couple of interesting side issues...

Some Americans think she is related to Michael Palin simply because they share a surname.

The optician from whom Ms Palin bought her specs was so inundated with orders for similar pairs that she was unable to cope with the rush.

Gawd 'elp any pregnant gay moose that accidentally wanders across a firing range on the way to the clinic...

Me said...

Hi Steve - read similar articles and the same fear hit me. I truly appreciate how gorgeous the US is and how you could holiday there for years without the need to leave the shores - but sadly, I have seen many ethnocentric leaders of the US and it does scare me. We have the whole election campaign running for the US Presidency race here in the UK. We have information about policy, US economy, US senate and politicians. I think that is really important as the US are such a global presence. It would be good to think the same is happening there. A deputy prime minister who held a passport for a year would seem a little strange in the UK - but hey ho - I remain open minded.....
Admire you for making your point.

Persephone said...

Scary, isn't it? Have a thought for me; I'm Canadian and we have to live next door to these people! (Mind you, our current prime minister holds some worrying beliefs...)
Here's another tidbit about Sarah Palin.

Stevyn Colgan said...

I am so so relieved that I'm not the only person who thinks like this!

Punky - The Thin White Duke always makes sense ... but I'm not afraid of all Americans. Just some.

Janet - I have a lot of time for Hillary and even Bill despite his naughty indiscretions. As for your challenge ... see your blog!

Stu - But then she'll have her finger on the Big Red Button! Eek!

Debby - I too have shot, hooked and trapped any number of our furred, feathered and scaled animal chums. However, like you, it was so that I could eat them. personally (and it can only be a personal view), I've never had any time for bloodsports as 'entertainment'. Consequently, I don't think that fox hunting is necessary - although it would be a shame to lose the pageantry and spectacle - but I am not opposed to necessary fox culls. I also will happily eat duck, pheasant and pigeon but would never take part in an organised shoot where the purpose is volume.

Chris - A very scary example of the kind of sheep mentality that gets these people elected.

Me - 10/10 for use of the word ethnocentric. You win the wordsmith prize for today.

Persephone - Thanks for the clip. Having had to interview rape victims in my police career I know what a ghastly traumatised time this is. I can't believe that their discomfort is made even worse by practices like this. I was genuinely appalled by your snippet.

Janet said...

Thanks, Stevyn. I'm eagerly awaiting your comment!


Stevyn Colgan said...

You guys MUST visit the spoof Sarah Palin blog at

I've been laughing all day!

Katie said...

I have to stay quiet in regards to Palin... it will ruin my day. ;) I get much too heated and want to punch someone. ha!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Katie - there is a European stereotypical view of Americans as inward-looking, money-obsessed, paranoid, celebrity-worshipping sheep who don't understand irony. But, time and time again, I meet Americans who prove that this is as stupidly inaccurate as the US stereotype of us Brits as uptight, stiff upper-lipped, class-ridden sexual failures who all speak like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. What worries me is that US politicians appear to believe the stereotype, even if we don't. Why else would McCain have suddenly plucked Sarah Palin from obscurity? There are more informed and better suited running mates he could have chosen. Lots of them. But look at the impact she's made already. Sigh. Mind you, Obama didn't exactly make the smartest move by picking Joe Biden over Hillary did he? Joe who?

Blog Princess G said...

Steve, I'm with you on this one, as are many others. We can but hope.

(Garrrrr..... in honour of yesterday!)

Stevyn Colgan said...

And a quick 'Lookeeee!' back at you me fine pirate moll!