Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joined Up Drinking

Last night saw the first event in the publicity campaign leading up to the launch of my book in October. As Joined-Up Thinking is essentially a trivia book - albeit a very different one - my publishers asked me to compere a pub quiz at the Phoenix Theatre Club in London's West End. It was a great little venue that has seen the launch parties for many books and films in the past.

The event was mostly for the benefit of the book trade but I was also supported by friends and family. There was fierce rivalry between companies like Waterstones and Borders but the whole evening passed smoothly and in good spirits and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were prizes for top score, lowest score and best team name (the title of this blog post was the name of one of the teams) and we had such gems as David Cameron's Bike Lock Challenge, Plan B, Kingfishers, Wacky Bed Tricks (?), The Secret Policeman's Norfolk and Chance, SMAP Crackle and Pop, Six Times Runners Up, The Knob Jockeys, and the eventual winner, Quizlamic Jihad. The top prize - a case of champagne - was won by Die Puny Humans but they were taken to a tie-break by The Erotic Zombies. Well done all. I didn't make it an easy quiz by any standards.

The night ended with me having to autograph and hang the cover of my book on the ceiling where it nestled among a host of other covers and film posters. It was a wonderful moment as I climbed the rickety ladder and hammered in the nails. I felt quite honoured and not a little shell-shocked. It's all suddenly starting to sink in that, after 18 years of trying, I'm finally being published. I went home a happy man. And a very tired man. The jetlag had finally caught up with me.


John Soanes said...

Many thanks for a great time - obviously, our team was robbed, but the inevitable bitterness and sour grapes aside, it was a fab night, and I can't think of a better way for the good ship J-UT to be launched onto an unsuspecting world...

Stevyn Colgan said...

John - Indeed you were just pipped at the post in the final tie-break. But a performance to be proud of ... even if your team was called 'The Erotic Zombies'. Thanks for coming along and for letting me meet your entirely much better half, the lovely Joolz.