Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It’s okay … there’s no need to stand downwind of me

It occurred to me today that I haven’t had a bath for a year.

I realised it when Dawn and I went scouting for a new bathroom suite. While we were away, we had the builders in taking down a chimney, knocking out the old airing cupboard and part of a wall, making our bathroom at least 30% bigger than it was previously.

Consequently, we now have room for a chunky new 21st century set of chinaware. And it was while we were looking at baths that Dawn asked me what sort of bath I wanted … and I had no idea. I just don’t do baths. I never have done. I’m a shower person, plain and simple. I like to press a button, get washed, get dried and go. The bath takes forever to fill and as soon as I’ve got in and had a wash, I’m all for getting straight out again. The only time that a bath really takes my fancy is when I have a really bad back-ache. But then it’s pain relief, rather than pleasure that prompts my decision.

My problem - not that I see it as any kind of a problem - is that having a bath is so time consuming. Some people turn it into a multi-sensory experience with candles and essential oils and music. That’s not me at all. Water, soap, shampoo … it’s all about cleanliness not indulgence in my book. Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe not. All I know is that the shower wins for me every time.

We moved into our current house on the 1st August last year and I have never used the outgoing bath. Nor can I remember the last time that I sat in one anywhere else. So as far as I’m concerned, Dawn can buy what she likes. She can buy one that’s shaped like Mickey Mouse’s bottom for all that it matters to me. I’ll be busy lathering up in the spanky new shower cubicle in the corner.


Tess Kincaid said...

Teeheehe! Great photo!! I love the comments from the people WAY out there.

I am a bath person. One of those with the candles and scents. I am waiting patiently until the last son is finished with college so we can have my bathroom redone and my dream tub installed. Can you blog from the tub?

Stevyn Colgan said...

Well, the net was invented for use in water! (Cue drumroll)