Thursday, July 03, 2008

Boys' Night Out

Some time ago, I came across a blog by a chap called John Soanes. A very well written blog, as it happens. And after we'd swapped comments a few times we decided to meet for a beer. After all, he was in London and so was I fairly regularly. So, we met. And, despite all the scary stories I'd read about meeting strangers off the Web, he turned out to be neither a fifty-something year old paedophile nor a hyperactive glandular 12 year old. Instead he was a gifted writer with a great sense of humour and an extraordinary talent for tipping his drinks over me. A bit like Jack Douglas in those old Carry On films. But with less coordination. And none of the looks.

Anyway, I mention this because (a) I think that you should visit his blog here, and (b) because he kindly took me along tonight to watch Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller testing out some sketches for their new series of The Armstrong and Miller Show. The venue was a small oven cunningly disguised as a basement studio at the Old Drill Hall near Oxford Street. It was what you'd call an 'intimate' gig as we were about eight feet from the boys and their supporting cast and the audience amounted to 15 of us. So, we watched the sketches; most were superb and very, very funny. Some needed a little tweaking. One or two were duds. But it was an interesting experience to see how they worked with the material, sight-reading mostly from their scripts.

I chatted to both very briefly afterwards (I was going to get a photo but, bless them, they were all red and sweaty and wouldn't have appreciated me putting them up here looking like they've just run a short marathon). They really are very nice chaps, both. I also had a good chat with Jeremy Dyson, their script editor, and one of the writers behind the hugely sucessful League of Gentlemen series.

Me and Mark Gatiss, Jeremy and Reece Shearsmith at a signing back in 2003
And I was able to give all three of them a present ... a promo of my book. My editor Jon, publicist Sandra and marketeer Amy (sounds brutally professional doesn't it?) have just had some excellent little promotional books printed to advertise my forthcoming book. They basically consist of the cover, intro and first three chapters and they look wonderful. Watch this space for some big and most excellent news very soon.

Well, excellent for me, anyway!


John Soanes said...

Not fair ! It was my OWN drink!
(Though I was slightly concerned it might have soggified your book samplers.)

Stevyn Colgan said...

True enough, it was your drink. My book samplers are fine thanks to my specially purchased Soanes-proof bag. Thanks for a great night out. They were rather good weren't they?

The Factory said...

I think Kenneth Williams is closer to the mark, or Charles Hawtrey when he wears his glasses.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Now you've said it ... it's quite uncanny ...