Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another day, another meme

This latest from Em.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your Summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

Right. Summer's here (sort of), the barbecue is fired up and my usual avant-garde musical tastes are shelved in favour of my Summertime mixtape (well, CD). These seven songs (with others) will rarely be off the stereo now until October:

1. Mint Royale (feat. Lauren Laverne) - Don't falter - Is there a happier Summer song? I don't think so.

2. Cockney Rebel - Come up and see me (Make me smile) - Okay, the story behind the song may be full of bitterness but the tune is fabulous! And how can you hate a song that uses the word 'tarry'?

3. Prefab Sprout - King of Rock and Roll - Takes me back to my beer-swilling, fleshily indulgent, skinny-dipping 1980s. And it reminds me of Spaced and that great scene where Tim explains to Daisy that she has the lyrics all wrong. Great!

4. Outkast - Hey ya! - Shake it. Come on. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

5. They might be Giants - Birdhouse in your Soul- Deliciousness on a plastic disc. Who the Hell writes a song about a night-light? TMBG do and it's wonderful!

6. XTC - King for a Day - One of the happiest Summer Songs I know. From their Oranges and Lemons album, second only to Skylarking in my opinion.

7. Voice of the Beehive - Don't call me Baby - Sublime. Just perfect.

So, let's try tagging some old friends and a few newbies ...

This will be my last meme I think. I seem to get the same or similar ones every day and I've just tagged Jason Arnopp who's already had this one himself. So, rather than let anyone down, I'll say - no more memes from me. From now on, if I want to reveal things about my decidedly odd psyche, I'll do it in standard blog form.

But thanks for sending them. I felt needed.



potdoll said...

ah, yeah i'd already done it too, and i was crap first time round...


Stevyn Colgan said...

That confirms it then ... no more memes. We're all memed out.

pamokc said...

I have to comment just on the brilliant song choice of 'Come up and see me' ... love love that one. I don't know the story behind the song and now I must go look it up.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hi Pam - thanks for popping by!

Oh yes. It was one of those songs that, during my callow youth, would undermine my credibility every time. I'd try my damnedest to smoulder and look angst-ridden, tortured and like the sort of person to whom Bob Dylan lyrics meant something ... but then Steve Harley would start singing, I'd start smiling and in no time at all I'd be singing 'Oooh la lala' in a not-at-all Rock and Roll way. I love this song! as for the story can find it here (among other places):