Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top Moments

Okay ... here are just a few highlights from the last few days. I'll elucidate further upon my return but, suffice to say, at 2 Euros for half an hour, I don't get much writing time on these internet cafe machines ... and I have to check my email. So, the highlights. Well, the bits that made me laugh anyway.

Top irony moment - Seeing a fat 11-12 year old Irish kid drinking a Bacardi Breezer and wearing a T-shirt that said 'If you're not fast you're last'.

Top bizarre moment - Watching The Running Man on a German satellite channel (N24), and Arnold Swarzenegger dubbed into German (?).

Top food moment - Visiting Playa Blanca and popping into a cafe for a snack. Almost everything was in a baguette but Dawn didn't fancy any bread, So she opted for a ham and mushroom omelette, which promptly arrived ... inside a baguette.

Top coincidence - Seeing a young woman of about 20 with DYLAN tattooed right across her lower back in 4 inch high letters. Dawn commented that she'd be sorry if Dylan ever dumped her. I replied, "Maybe she's a Bob Dylan fan?" "Here?" said Dawn. "And she's 20 if she's a day. Dylan is for old farts like you." Anyhow, half an hour later, we caught a bus to El Golfo (A curious geological area - not an uninspired name for a Pitch and Putt) and the old fart driver subjected us to 45 minutes of the Best of Bob Dylan at top volume.

You couldn't make it up.

Just three full days left before crashing back to reality.

"Whoaaaa the times they are a-changin' ...."



The Factory said...

Well, I hope you enjoy every single second of those three days. And at least you've got a half-decent Doctor Who to come back to.

willow said...

Okay, I got my funnies for today. You are right. You couldn't have made it up.

Blog Princess G said...

Still laughing at the thought of Arnold translated into German. I wonder if he ever watched that version going "Hey..."

Vacations with stories like this are the best!