Saturday, June 07, 2008

Studio Space Signing Shenanigans

Today was the Studio Space signing at Forbidden Planet in London. Authors Joel Meadows and Gary Marshall were there, as was contributor Andy Colman. And we had three of the artists featured in the book too: Sean Phillips, Dave Gibbons and Brian Bolland. I was there as an observer really; Joel's an old friend and while I did sub-edit and proofread most of the chapters, my involvement in the finished product was minimal. This was quite definitely their day.

We arrived and were gratified to see that a queue was forming outside the store already. We were then ushered downstairs into a basement room to wait. The room was about the size of a rabbit hutch and quite warm so it didn't help when Brian called to say that he was stuck in traffic and would be late. As the room filled with nervous energy, it became warmer and warmer ...

Our incredibly large waiting room - Andy, Gary, Sean and Dave fight for the remaining oxygen.
Meanwhile, Joel (below right) decides to grin and bear it.

Thankfully Brian finally managed to fight his way through the traffic and the signing kicked off before anyone keeled over from heat exhaustion or lack of fresh air. Apart from the Studio Space book, the artists were signing other magazines and graphic novels that they've contributed to.

Sean Phillips co-created Devlin Waugh and has recently been working on Criminal and Marvel Zombies. His painted artwork is wonderful. Dave Gibbons was the artist for what is arguably the most important graphic novel ever published, Alan Moore's Watchmen, soon to be a major film. And Brian Bolland is one of the original artists who helped define Judge Dredd and his world. He also drew Alan Moore's fantastic Batman comic The Killing Joke, recently reissued as a 20th anniversary hardback, re-coloured and looking wonderful. The three of them were quite a draw.

Dave Gibbons ... "You'd like it to say 'to ebay', is that right?"

Appraising a portfolio. Sean and Brian encouraging a new artist to steal the bread from their mouths.

Sean, Brian and Dave worrying what part of his anatomy this tall man wants signed

The day went very well indeed. And it provided me with a number of top moments to add to a week of top moments. Apart from hanging out with three of the world's best comic artists, Joel and I also bumped into ... film director Guillermo del Toro and his young daughter mooching around the comics section of the shop. And, to my utter surprise and deep, deep joy, he said 'Hi Steve' (he knew Joel anyway) and shook my hand like an old friend. How great is that? The man who's going to be directing The Hobbit knew who I was.

So, as I say, a great day in so many ways. But especially for Joel, Gary and Andy. The book is superb and they deserve it to be a huge success. Go and buy a copy now.


joelmead said...

Sean Hughes? I'm sure you mean Sean Phillips? :) Had a lot of fun today…

Stevyn Colgan said...

Damn it you're right! I did add Sean Hughes to my 'key words'. And you let me proofread for you?!

Thanks Joel. As you say, it was a fun day.

Stevyn Colgan said...

The key words have been updated but I left Sean Hughes there just in case. Who knows, some Hughes fan may google his name and be accidentally drawn in to our strange little world ... oddly enough, I met Sean back in May at the Idler/QI hog roast event.

Michele said...

This is very cool. I'm so pleased to read about such a successful signing for Studio Space. And all the amazing talent gathered in that tiny, stuffy room--wow!

And look at you, Stevyn. Rubbing elbows with del Toro! What an exciting life you lead...Even when you stop for a muffin and tea, you run into Dr. Who. :-)

London and the L.A. area are similar in that respect...You never know who you'll be seeing at the store or restaurant or just walking down street.


P.S. I've tried posting my comment a couple of times, but blogger isn't playing nice. So if this shows up more than once, my apologies.

willow said...

Too exciting, Stevyn. Wow! :)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Michele, Willow - Thanks for popping by! Life is pretty exciting at the moment ... and the promise of more to come soon!