Friday, June 06, 2008

Three men in a cabin cruiser

Business took me to Hampshire today. Not a lot to report about the business (just a lot of boring old cobblers that needed discussing) so I thought I'd simply share a few pictures. My colleague Paul and I stopped at Hamble for a bite to eat before heading to our friend Steve's boat for a meeting and a few drinks. The sun was out, the company was great. Quite idyllic really.

Or it should have been. Poor old Steve was bemoaning the fact that rapidly rising fuel prices are starting to make a real impact on boat ownership. And, with the tax (VAT) being added to boat fuel in the Autumn, the cost of running his cruiser will be shocking. Boats guzzle fuel far more heavily than cars - if you think about it, it takes more power to push something through water than air - and he mused, sadly, that his beloved craft was slowly becoming no more than a waterside patio. The yacht owners may have made the better decision ... not even Gordon Brown can tax the wind. But I bet he'll try.

On the way home, we were entertained by the train driver who was obviously a bit of a comedian. At one point, this message came over the speakers:
'Any passengers looking forward to an exciting weekend won't want to get off at the next stop - Basingstoke. Basingstoke is your next station stop.'

Or perhaps he knew something we didn't.


Me said...

Having worked in a office block next to the station in Basingstoke I can confirm he was quite correct with his ascertions....sadly!

Stevyn Colgan said...

You poor soul. And you look so well despite your ordeal.