Monday, June 09, 2008

Ants and Deck

Willow mentioned the 'mighty fine deck' in her comments for my last post so I just thought I'd show it off. We didn't have an entertainment area in the back garden, just a small flat lawn and a much, much bigger sloping lawn. So we decided to deck the flat one. It's taken Dawn and me about a week from conception to finish but - 2 tons of wood, 2 tons of pea shingle, 1200 screws and 800 nails later - we've built it! And here it is.

Once we get back from holiday ... the parties begin!

Oh, and the ants reference in the title? While de-turfing the lawn and laying down a weed suppressant, we disturbed a red wood ant nest and the little buggers bite like it's going out of fashion. I have nothing but respect for them; compare their size to ours ... would we cause quite as much pain if we bit something the size of the Empire State Building?

I think not.

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willow said...

Wow!! I am truly impressed!! Nice work. Lovely party spot, indeed. I'll be there! Are you making rhubarb crumble with custard from your special custard tree?

Oh, and stay away from those pesky ants.