Saturday, May 17, 2008

Waiting for the banana skin

The 18th of May already ... seems only yesterday it was the 17th. We're almost halfway through 2008 but it's already shaping up to be a terrific year for me and my friends. The cynical pessimist in me is just waiting for something to go horribly wrong ...

That's so British isn't it?

Anyway, as I say, it's been a good year for me so far. I have a book coming out and I'm picking up a lot of interest in my writing and artwork. But it seems to have been just as good for most of my friends too and I'd like to take a five minute breather to celebrate that fact:

  • Joel Meadows has just had his book Studio Space published by Image.
  • Sarwat Chadda has sold his first book The Devil's Kiss to Puffin - it comes out next year and looks like it'll be a big seller.
  • Huw Williams won a major award for his startling Kill the gun anti-gun crime advert. See it here.
  • Dan Schaffer continues to produce superb graphic novels like Dogwitch and Indigo Vertigo and wrote the screenplay for Doghouse (in pre-production).
  • James Murphy got a biiiiig promotion and wage hike.
  • The irascible Me (whose name is deliberately obscure) has begun a whole new life in a fantastic new home.
  • Dave Gavin's Dinocafe exhibition in Ireland is looking top-notch and ready for punters.
  • John Coppinger published his first novel, Tertiary.
  • And my brother Simon stepped from photography as a hobby to photography as a career.
Well done everyone. Let's hope the next six months are just as spanky. And to all of you others who haven't quite got what you want yet - keep on keeping on.

Perserverance, people. Perserverance.

But before I go, it's worth reminding ourselves that not everyone is having a good time. Dig deeply into those pockets, people, and give what you can to help those in Myanmar and China.

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Anonymous said...

Your the only person I know who calls me irascible! x