Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vinyl Mania

Throughout the past 401 posts I've occasionally mentioned urban vinyl, designer toys and street art in general. I wrote a proper essay back in September explaining it all here.

Well, I just thought that I'd mention two books that really cover the subject comprehensively: I am Plastic by Paul Budnitz and Dot Dot Dash by Hendrik Hellige, Matthias Huebner and R. Klanten. Large format and beautifully illustrated with thousands of photographs, these books aren't cheap I'll admit (around £25 each). But, the way I look at it, £25 is about the same cost as a takeaway meal for two these days so, when I'm watching my weight and a slave to the salad bar, why not treat myself with the money I would have spent on Dhansaks, Chop Sueys or Thin Crust Hawaiians?


willow said...

Great post on urban vinyl last September. Interesting. I could see you had a thing for the cute plastic stuff and now I understand! It's cool. :D

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hi Willow

I have absolutely no idea what the fascination is. Me - a 46 year old Grandfather - still collecting strange little plastic figures? A friend of mine suggested that I was having a second childhood brought on by mid-life crisis. I then pointed out that I'm not entirely convinced that I've finished my first childhood yet. I still dream of being a pop star despite the fact that beerguts and baldness are hardly de rigueur for the average Justin, Usher or Garth. Mind you, it worked for Elvis ... and look at Britney.

Oops. Sorry.

Saucer of milk, Table Six!)


Me said...

You are a perpetual child - having spent many an hour with you I can confirm this!
Your fascination with plastic creatures is unmatched in my opinion....
Who was the thin and crusty Hawaiian you have been treating yourself with - anyone I know?