Friday, May 23, 2008

Through the Bloghole

Blog Princess G has raised an interesting point about how the environment you work in displays something of your personality. Remember that ghastly old Through the keyhole TV show with David Frost and Lloyd Grossman? The cameras would take us on a tour around some D-list celebrity's house and we'd try to spot clues as to the owner's identity. Then Lloyd, in that bizarre Bostonian/English/God knows accent of his would utter the immortal words 'Who lives in a house like this?'

So, here you go ... my hidden places and inner psyche laid bare. This is my study; my L shaped desk cum drawing board, my bookcases and oil paintings in various states of completion, my collection of urban vinyl, my general clutter. I know where every atom is in this room. Draw your own conclusions about what the room says about me.

Now then ... who's going to do the same on their blog?


Me said...


The Factory said...

Just a question, but how on earth do you manage to write, professionally, on a laptop keyboard ?? I find them fiddly, and annoying and fiddly again.

But later on, I'll do a similar photo on my blog (even though it's resting at the mo), only seems fair.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hi Fac - Actually, I don't find them fiddly any more. I did at first, but now I find standard keyboards too big and clunky. Of necessity, I work on a laptop pretty much all of the time these days. I have a PC wired in at home (as you can see in the pics), a work PC laptop (also in one of the pics) that travels around with me during the daylight hours and, just to confuse matters further, an Apple MacBook, which is my personal travelling companion ... which has a completely diferent keyboard layout of course! I suppose it's just what you get used to.

Looking forward to getting a glimpse of 'the factory'.

Blog Princess G said...

Cool toys! I'm quite jealous now. Shall take some snaps of my much-more-boring space later.

Stevyn Colgan said...

I can't wait to see it!

The Factory said...

Right, after an hour of cocking about and general swearing, I've put up a couple of photos of the Factory. I've also managed to make some changes to my layout but only after more swearing. Let me know if it's an improvement.