Monday, May 05, 2008

Phew, what a scorcher!

What a fabulous day that was. I'm absolutely knackered, my neck is red with sunburn and my back aches like buggery, but I managed to convert an overgrown patch of grass into a veggie bed (you can see how long the grass was by the tufts in front of the rhubarb at the top of the pic). Buster is seen here enjoying a stone, as dogs are wont to do.

A couple more weeks of digging it over to break up the last lumps of clay and I'll be planting stuff out. It's good, rich, fertile soil stuffed full of earthworms. A cheeky Robin kept helping himself as I dug. As for what I'm planting out - here's the state of play in the greenhouse.

As you can see, the courgettes, tomatoes, onions, lettuces, garlic and radishes have come on in leaps and bounds - and all grown from seed too.

The Robin wasn't the only birdie visitor this afternoon. As usual I had numerous Red Kites soaring high above. And then, at one point, a Heron turned up and perched on a neighbour's roof. I barely had time to run indoors and get my camera before he (or she - I'm afraid I don't know the difference with Herons. Robins are easy) was off again.

I'm now chilling out with a nice cup of Earl Grey and some home-made vanilla and raisin muffins I baked earlier. They're still warm.

So is the back of my neck. Ouch.


Blog Princess G said...

I was enjoying discovering your blog and came upon your muffins. Is your offer about the kettle always being on still... er, on?

Stevyn Colgan said...

The kettle is almost permanently on, yes. The house is full of clouds of hot steam like a Turkish bath house. I employ a small ex-Amazonian cloud forest tribe to constantly fill it with fresh spring water. And to flick it back on when it clicks off. Muffins too are an almost permanent fixture of my steamy abode. Which is why I have developed my very own personal muffin top ... just above the waistline of my jeans.

Nice to meet you, your majesty. Do visit again!