Monday, May 05, 2008

No one loves me in Wyoming (or Llandudno)

Take a look at these maps. I have a cunning gadget installed on this blog courtesy of the nice chaps at ClustrMaps (see top right of this page). It allows me (and you) to see where visitors to this blog come from.

I always find it fascinating to take a closer look at the stats now and again and see if there's some kind of a pattern. For instance, I noticed that I got some hits in the Outer Hebrides shortly after I'd posted a story about my 2006 trip to Stornoway. It suggested that my blog entry had possibly been found while someone was googling (is that a proper verb now?) for info about the Western Isles.

But what the maps also throw up is where I have no visitors at all. As you can see, I have made an impression in every US state - even little Hawaii - all except Wyoming. Not one hit from the strangely geometric land of the Yellowstone National Park and Devil's Tower National Monument (as seen most famously in Close Encounters of the Third Kind). I realise that it is the least densely populated state in America ... but surely someone there has an internet connection?

And lest we get all cocky over on this side of the pond, may I draw attention to North West Wales, North Devon, Cumbria and everything North of Edinburgh and Glasgow? Again, I realise that these are sparsely populated areas but it would be lovely to hear from some of you. I wonder if, by mentioning these places, I'll now get some hits?

Do call by. The kettle's always on.

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