Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr Angry strikes again

I obviously have my cantankerous head on tonight because I must also comment on some grafitti I saw earlier today. Some new flats have been built nearby and someone has sprayed on the hoardings outside:

How many more flats? NO MORE!

Well, yes. I agree that it's a shame that tearing down big old houses and putting flats up in their place is the best plan financially. But the fact is that not everyone can afford a nice big house and flats provide a first step up onto the housing ladder. That said, even flats are criminally expensive - I have no idea how my three kids are ever going to get on the property ladder. And they're good, hardworking kids with jobs.

So, what kind of a person wrote the grafitti? It's spelled correctly, and the punctuation and grammar is sound. And the sentiment doesn't seem likely from a young lout does it? So I suspect that it's probably a Mr Angry middle-aged NIMBY* homeowner who doesn't like all these new young people in his street playing their loud music and being generally under 50.

Well, sorry chum. People need places to live. Not everyone is a retired banker.

I said banker.

You must have misheard me.

*NIMBY - an acronym for 'Not in my back yard!'

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The Factory said...

Agreed. We've all got too carried away with this property price lust, and have inadvertently screwed the next generation. Well done us.