Monday, May 26, 2008

A matter of perspective

There are several exceptional artists out there who can achieve amazing photorealism. There are others who are masters of manipulating perspective and making us see depth that isn't there. When you find artists who can do both and who then create public art it can really freak you out.

I don't know who the artist was for this floor (it's apparently from the Worth1000 Photoshop site) ... but could you walk into this bathroom?

I do know of Eric Grohe however. He is the guy who painted the extraordinary mural on the side of the Niagara Shopping Mall that birds kept flying into. The problem's now been solved with fine netting. But you can see why a bird would be fooled. Remember - this was just a flat, featureless, white wall before he started painting.

Here are some of his other pieces. Again, bear in mind that these are FLAT walls. For more, visit his website here.

Finally, I must mention the amazing anamorphic pavement art of Julian Beever. From above his pictures look curiously stretched but, from the right angle, they trick the eye into seeing a third dimension that simply isn't there. Like this:
Visit Julian's website here. And if you want to know how he does it ... I have no idea! He must just have that kind of visualising skill. Here's what the actual picture 'Baby Food' looks like ... followed by what it looks like from the right angle (with added baby). Fantastic.

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