Friday, May 09, 2008

(Insert some dreadful pun involving Bristols)

It's a big day for my mate Joel Meadows today as he will be taking delivery of the first copies of his book Studio Space. A pile of copies has been couriered over from the printers in Canada in time for the UK Comic Expo in Bristol this weekend. If you're at the Expo, do go along and have a chat. Even better, buy a book. And as some of the artists featured are there too, why not get it signed?

Last night, Joel and I went along to a comic creators meet. It's an informal sort of affair that takes place in a pub in London where writers and artists and others in the comics trade get together to chew the cud. It's not a fan event and it's not publicised (I'm not even going to say where it was) because these guys - with the best will in the world - can't look at people's portfolios 24 hours a day and sometimes they just like to relax and catch up with each other. New friendships are formed, collaborations emerge and the world is set to rights.

I bumped into a very old friend, Bojan Djukic, a comic artist I haven't seen for 14 years. Amazingly, we've somehow managed to miss each other at every event we've ever been to. I also had a good chat with the inimitable Rufus Dayglo who has some of the greatest tattoos in comics history. I really enjoyed his and Ashley Wood's work on Tank Girl last year. But no wonder it was so good ... look at his Muse. He's married to Tank Girl! Fantastic couple - true originals - and two of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

I won't be at Bristol this year as it clashes with some family and business events, sadly. I also wasn't able to get down to Cornwall for Helston's Flora Day yesterday.

Ah, the pressures of being grown-up and having to work for a living. Sigh.

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