Monday, May 05, 2008

Here be witches ... and webpages

A quick post to say a big thanks to Jason Semmens - the acknowledged expert on Cornish witchcraft - for updating the content of my folklore pages. As you have read in previous posts, I'm keen to promote the culture and history of my home county - especially its rich heritage of folklore. Sadly, it's become lost in the dusty halls of academia over the years and many of the old stories no longer have any resonance with modern society (and kids in general). It's a subject I discussed at length in this earlier post. For a time I tried running a Cornish Folklore Society to promote these stories, which did achieve some credibility. But it was impossible to continue because of (a) time constraints, (b) because I'm not actually located in Cornwall, which made talks, memberships, meetings etc. very difficult to arrange, and (c) I couldn't find anyone to take it over. Plus, it's hard to research new material when you're 300 miles away. So I folded the society and its website and moved it, kitchen sink and all, across to my own website here. Just click on the crossword answer that says Kernow (the Cornish language word for Cornwall).

If you visit the site's Cornish pages, you'll find a wealth of information about the various myths and legends. And you'll also find my modern interpretations of 10 of the old stories. One day, I hope to persuade a publisher to take this project on and, as you'll see, I already have the support of various luminaries such as author and comedian Tony Hawks, artist Korky Paul, Cornish bard Howard Curnow, and the national treasure that is Mr Stephen Fry.

Any publisher out there willing to look the project over?

Meanwhile, please also visit Jason's Cornish Witchcraft site. It's all quite fascinating stuff.

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