Monday, May 19, 2008

Curses! Foiled again!

Fleshspace (n.) -

The physical universe, as opposed to something abstract and immaterial, like cyberspace (in the Gibsonesque sense) or anything else that is purely digital. It's used pretty much exclusively (to my knowledge) in this digital/physical dichotomy. The only difference it has from meatspace is that our existence is a bit more dignified : instead of being mere slabs of meat, we're chunks of flesh.

Example : "You'll never see a boxed version of Debian in fleshspace"

Source: Everything2

or ...

Fleshspace (n.) -

Fleshspace is a computer-related term which describes the physical world or those who inhabit it in a stark opposition the the term cyberspace.

Example: "I'm not sure I can operate with the same functionality in fleshspace."

Source: The Urban Dictionary


I suppose I should have checked first.


Lavinia said...

fleshspace doesn't have quite the ring that "fleshpot" does, but give it a few more never knows whether these cyber words will catch on or not. Does anyone remember 'Y2K' or the 'execute' key in computer manuals of old?

Stevyn Colgan said...

It's not a nice term is it? Nor is 'Meatspace' for that matter. I was going to start looking for another synonym but then I thought ... hang on, it doesn't need a name. For goodness' sake ... it's reality we're talking about here. The nerds will just have to deal with that.

Y2K ... the scaremongers had us over there, didn't they? How many millions were spent on making everything Millennium Bug Safe? And did anything go wrong on January 1st 2000? Anything at all?

Meanwhile, 'fleshpot' is a wonderful word. So redolent of plump ... er ... silky ... er ... I'd better not go there ...

Lavinia said...

I can remember people (well, one person) solemnly telling me...advising me in the most earnest tones, really, to turn my microwave oven off before midnight on Y2K eve.....duh!