Friday, May 30, 2008

Five Blogs that make my Day

I'm delighted, chuffed, humbled, happy, grateful and honoured to have been nominated for the 'Five Blogs that make my Day' award. My thanks to the lovely Willow for the compliment. Now, the rules for this award are:

1) Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver (Thanks again Willow!)
3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Blimey. Lawks a Lordie. Cripes. There are so many blogs I could put forward here! How to decide? I'd include Willow's blog, Lavinia Ladyslipper's blog and also Blog Princess G's as she's always good fun. Or Punk in Writing, or Gienna or Michele Cwiertny or The Writing Factory. All good reads, every one. But some of them have been suggested before and all are outside the UK. So, I think, it would be nice to add some British flavour to the awards. So, here we go:
1. Stephen Fry. The most English Englishman ever to don the tweedy jacket with leather elbow patches. Being a polymath, national treasure and workaholic, he doesn't blog as often as we'd all like him too. But when he does, it's great reading. A pioneer of the 'blessay'.
2. John Soanes. A great writer, criminally undiscovered. He views life in much the same way as I do; inquisitive, fascinated, a bit skewed, a little twisted but always with a good dollop of humour. A thoroughly nice chap too.
3. Walls and Bridges. (Joel Meadows) Joel has almost single-handedly kept the art of serious comics critique alive in the UK with his creator-owned Tripwire magazine, now appearing as a luxurious yearly annual. Always a good read.
4. Craplister. I can't help it. For some reason, really bad music makes me laugh. It's all the more funny when the artist has been utterly earnest in their execution (a word that should be applied in a different context to many of them). This site is run by a guy called Mick - that's all I know - but he posts some real ear-bleeding gems. If you're not phased by Scandanavian language barriers, you could also visit Adolph Preussen's blog which also features more of the same dross.
And last but not least ...
5. Made you Look - Exene's Blog of Wonderful Things. I know almost nothing about the mysterious Exene. All I do know is that she surfs the web looking for things that are bizarre, cute, brilliantly designed or just plain odd. A fabulous blog to visit if, like me, you enjoy seeing bizarre, cute, brilliantly designed or just plain odd stuff.
So there you go. There are so many more I could mention - check out my tumescent links list on the right hand side of this page - but I'll end by mentioning Ricky Gervais' blog about writing, directing and starring in his first Hollywood film - This side of the truth. It's hilarious.
Thanks again for the award!


Tess Kincaid said...

Yay! I'm glad to see that you participated! And so quickly, too! :)

It's late now, but I'll be back tomorrow to check out your top picks. Fun!!

Be back soon...

John Soanes said...

Very kind - the cheque's in the post, as promised!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Deserved, dear boy, deserved. All five of you have excellent blogs - I look forward to seeing who you all select ...

For future reference, I would have accepted cash.

Me said...

Top blog - top chap - top friend

Stevyn Colgan said...

Me -

Top Totty!


punk in writing said...

Ooh! I get an honorable mention!

Many thanks!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Punky - Yes you do! And deservedly so. But you have no idea how hard it was to whittle it down to Five.

Lavinia said...

Congratulations Stevyn! I do like visiting your blog; its eclectic and interesting, although I don't always comment. Today I did pop over to Exene's blog, and you are right, some weird and wonderful things to look at over there.

Thanks for the recommends and thanks for producing this great blog!

Stevyn Colgan said...

LL - If you had to comment on every blog post I put up you'd never have time for the bags and birdbaths. It's just nice to know that you are popping by.


Lavinia said...

Bags? what bags?

Stevyn Colgan said...

I had it in my head that you made bags as a hobby ... but that was another visitor. You won a bag in a competition and you're holding it in the photo. That's where I got it from.

G said...

A great list Mr. C!