Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fifth (and Sixth) must-have Vinyl Figure(s) of 2008

First off, there's this special custom edition of Keith Poon's Kanser figure by Portland (Oregon)-based artist FILTH. He's customised everything from Dunnys to Munnys with his Chinese opera mask style of art, but this particular mix of colours, patterns and shapes just completely filled my hovercraft with eels. I love it.

Secondly there's VTN's Sancho figure, designed by Angels and Gringos. I have no idea who Sancho is or what he's riding (or even how his mount's legs work). I just know that I like it (I think it may be something to do with the Tom Baker-esque scarf and hat assemblage). This is the variant orange edition.

Lastly, not a new figure ... but I must just mention Atomic Monkey's Frankenmonkey. I've always liked this bizarre little artwork by Roberto Juareghi and I own one of the original green resin figures. Here he is now:

But now they've brought out a larger (7" high) version of the figure in brown vinyl ... with glow in the dark eyes and removable brain!
Who could resist?


The Factory said...

Sorry, this is not really about the post. But I would like to know how you arrange your photos so nicely on your posts. I assume you aren't using the Blogger software, because it doesn't enable you to do that, at least I can't get it to. Love the Clangers stuff btw.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Actually, I do just use the Blogger software. I simply click on the add picture icon and copythem in one at a time. Then, when I've written the text, I drag and drop the pics where I want them and tidy up any excess white spaces. I wonder ... looking at your blog template, are you still using the original Blogger? Or did you upgrade to the Blogger Beta? I seem to recall that you could do a lot more once you'd emigrated.

And you'd know, over there in the sun. Sigh.

Hope that helps (but probably doesn't).

The Factory said...

Aha, I think you may have it ! I'm still using the original software, I'll have to give that a go, thanks very much. And if it makes you feel any better, it's raining heavily over here today.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Ha! Yeah, for your one and only day of rain this year!

Your blog's looking pretty good BTW. Must be all this rain keeping you out of the pool.


The Factory said...

Actually the weather's been poor for about a week now, I'm thinking of complaining.

Thanks for the comments BTW, nice to know someone's reading isn't it ?