Sunday, April 27, 2008

Care in the Community Showcase

I have a real issue with programmes like The X Factor or American Idol.

Or, as I call them, The Care in the Community Showcase.

It wasn't so long ago that we would go to freak shows and point at the dwarfs, bearded ladies, conjoined twins and wolf boys. We don't seem to have come very far if these shows are anything to go by. We're still laughing at people who are at best tone deaf and, at worst, delusional or in some way mentally impaired. I do understand that it's hard not to. At best, we're not laughing at the person - we're laughing at what's coming out of their mouths. Bad singing and bad musicianship is funny. Just a few posts back, we were talking about Morecambe and Wise. And what was their top sketch? Yup, it was the Andre Previn one where Eric plays 'All the right notes but not necesssarily in the right order' of Griegs's Piano Concerto. And would Les Dawson have been so funny if he played the piano in tune? But, at worst, we're laughing nervously because we can't believe what we're seeing and don't know how to react ... or we're being superior and cruel.

We shouldn't be laughing at these people. We're better than that, surely?

And now there are spoofs of these poor oafs appearing on YouTube. Here's one of them. Just be thankful it is a spoof ...

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