Saturday, March 22, 2008

Four seasons in one day

Today was weird, weather wise.

It started cold and windy; so windy that it caused a fall of soot in my lounge chimney. By 10am, this had turned to driving rain. Then, at around 11am, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Blue skies, puffy white clouds. Lovely. But by lunchtime it was snowing; thick blizzardy snow falling so heavily that we could barely see the houses across the street. This turned to hail and then back to snow. Before long, the cars and the garden were white and it looked like the snow was settling. That is until 12.30pm when the sun came out again and melted it all.

And so it's gone on all afternoon: sun, rain, snow, hail, snow, rain, sun. As I peer out of my study window now at 5.13pm, the sky is a glorious blue, the sun is shining ... but the occasionally soft and fluffy snow flake drifts by.

What in hell is going on?

The weather has developed multiple personality syndrome.

(Sorry if the photos don't convey the strangeness or severity of the weather ... whenever it was really bad I was either nowhere near my camera or it had stopped before I got the lens cap off.)


Rose said...

I'd say. We are having some strange weather here too Steve.

punk in writing said...

We've had the same weather over here... from winter wonderland to spring in a matter of hours.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Yup, the madness appears to be worldwide. Scary, eh? Welcome to the blog, Rose. And nice to hear from you Punky!