Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Museum of Curiosity opens its doors ...

Here's a hot new radio show to warm up your wintry Wednesday evenings. The Museum of Curiosity is presented by Bill Bailey and John Lloyd. Lloyd says that 'this isn’t a place for desiccated medieval shoes or rows of moth-eaten stuffed squirrels. We don’t care whether something is old or rare or priceless or 'important' or not … as long as it makes you rub your eyes, scratch your head or stroke your chin'. However, Bill Bailey says that, 'The Museum Of Curiosity is a great big, hungry baby suckling on the teat of Knowledge.'

It's a great show which obviously resonates with the also John Lloyd produced QI (whose elves provide much of the research). If you love QI, you'll love this.

Listen to this week's edition here. Then make sure you catch next week's by tuning into BBC Radio 4 at 6.30pm Wednesday. Or visit the website here where you can rummage among the exhibits and listen online.

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Me said...

Bill Bailey rocks!