Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Twice the Gimpiness! - A Find the Gimp Double

Two Gimpish puzzles for you today that I'm sure you'll all find dead easy (especially Spud and the Mysterious Me). The first is at the Stonor Park Craft Fair, Oxfordshire and the second is in Margate, Kent.

Click on the pic for a larger image. If that's still not big enough, then right click on the bigger image and save to your computer for more detailed and magnified searching

Image and Find the Gimp (c) Stevyn Colgan


Anonymous said...

Me says under the G on the carosel, and mid pic to the right of the crowd near marque on tother one. Total time invested 6 secs combined for both.
Sorry mate - common Spud lets hear you?

Spud said...

yep.. very easy for me.. I know how to look now. Must try harder :-)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Sob! Wail! Gnashing of teeth and beating of chest!