Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yes, we'll have no spamming

Do you ever get those strange emails where it seems to consist of just a random string of words … until you open it and find that you’re being invited to look at ‘Exciting Russian Teens’ or ‘The Engorger’? I have a great little program called Mailwasher that prevents this kind of shite getting into my inbox. But before it gets rid of the Spam it does allow me a glimpse of messages like this:

Agreement Mollusc Music Found Tanners boyfriend avail. Bib Feeding Union echoes economic upswing Blatter extends sporting nephew ocean mammals wavelets. Sounds equal technique picking species group. merging science greater whales marine glimpse wolfram jazz sonified suspended Honda wires diagram. sculpture closer secrets from frenzied Rules sabotage Runway. invisible body. CRACK. Tell friend Biography exploding Nokias Strange ominous creatures whose origins traced Dwarves cell disco flashing. Shark Discovery Finally Realizes Viewers Brains finally.

Is there some secret message we’re all missing here? Is this how spies send messages to each other?

Or are they simply lyrics by Yes?

(Check out the first two minutes of Tales from Topographic Oceans to see what I mean.)

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