Saturday, January 05, 2008

Who the hell is Stevyn Colgan?

It's a fair enough question I guess and it deserves a fair answer. This blog has now entered its third year so maybe it's time to refresh people's memories of what it's all about and to say 'Hi!' to my ever-increasing numbers of visitors.

My name, as you may have guessed is Stevyn Colgan. I'm the wrong side of 45, the wrong side of 14 stones and the wrong side of genius (I did pass the trial MENSA entrance exam ... but lost the paper on my way to post it. True!) I'm a Cornishman currently living about 30-ish miles from London in Hazlemere, a kind of benign growth on the buttocks of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. I've spent 28 years working as a police officer in London and around 18 years trying to be taken seriously as a writer and artist - I gave up on the male model and pop idol ideas once the Beer-gut Fairy had visited me in my 30s - and, finally, things are starting to happen. I was the official artist for the 2006 Children's Autumn Book Fair run by Scholastic Books and I've illustrated a few books and magazines. And, towards the end of 2007, I finally got a break. I sold a screenplay for a film that is due to be made later in 2008 in Ireland. And I got a book contract! Much of this was thanks to my agent. The rest is due to dear Stephen Fry (yes, that Stephen Fry) who initially championed the book. I was then aided and abetted by Mssrs John Mitchinson and John Lloyd, the awfully clever chaps behind the QI empire of which the TV show is the best-known bit. Consequently, my first book comes out in the Autumn of 2008. I can't tell you any more about it just yet ... but an official announcement will be made very soon. Suffice to say that if the QI boys like it, it's unlikely to be the biography of some barely-pubic pop star or a guide to reading your own auras.

In the meantime I will say that the purpose of this blog is to (a) flex my writing muscles, (b) vent my spleen about this, that and the other, (c) show off some new pictures I've drawn, (d) free up my hard drives of all the drivel I've written since 1970-something, and (e) whatever else I feel like.

You'll find that we've covered subjects as diverse as atheism, dog walking, comics, evolution vs creationism, weight loss and dieting, anti-social behaviour, books, film, the debasing of the English language, fame, urinals, crap music, glazing hams, poetry, winemaking, TV shows, superstition, comedy, architecture, art, Buck Rogers, neckties, vinyl toys, sculpture, artificial life and the many different euphemisms that exist for breasts. It's that kind of a blog.

I was driven to blogging by New York comedienne Jen Dziura who explained to me that blogs are far more interactive and 'alive' than websites. And she was right. It's a great way to expound your views. It's very cathartic. And it's great for generating discussion ... but only if you guys leave comments. At present I get hundreds of hits every week from all over the world but very few of you say 'Hi!' or even 'This is a pile of foetid stool!' All comments are welcome. Really, they are. I mean it. And I'll reply to every one if I can.

Well, that's me. So who the Hell are you?


Gienna said...

This is a pile of foetid stool! (That's my new favorite insult ... not a decsription of your blog.) Nice to meet you and thanks for your comments on my own site. I've also often wondered about the people who visit me from all over ... and never leave a comment!



Stevyn Colgan said...

Great to have you visit Gienna. Come back any time!

Me said...

I am Me of course....

punk in writing said...

Congrats on your book deal! I wrote a feature on Stephen Fry when he turned 50, but have never had the pleasure of meeting the man.
Have always been a big fan of his work though.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Thanks for the comment O Punky One. Yes, he's a fascinating guy - and exactly as you'd imagine him to be; charming, affable, witty and alarmingly tall. Have visited your blog - nice work!