Sunday, January 13, 2008

The tuck stops here

The story so far ...

2007 was an extraordinary year for me in quite a number of ways. Yes, getting a book contract was fantastic (it arrived on Friday - I should be signing on Monday!) ... but close on its heels in terms of personal satisfaction was my weight loss.

At the start of 2007, I weighed just over 20 stones (that’s 280lbs or 127 kg) and I’m only 5’ 10” (1.77m) tall. I now weigh around 15 and a half stones - just before Christmas and New Year I weighed in at around 15. I promised myself that after six months of abstinence, I would enjoy myself during the silly season. And I did, although I was nowhere near as indulgent as in previous years. And I put on around 7-8 lbs.

Well, that's all gone now. The last of the Christmas cheeses, pies and puddings are now officially eaten or thrown out. I waddle into this coming week in good spirits and in a positive frame of mind. My aim is to drop the final three stones I need to lose by my birthday on August 11th. What a great celebration that will be ... I will be 12 and a half stones - my correct weight - and will have shed a staggering 7 and a half stones. And I will do it. It's only a matter of willpower - nothing else.

So, the tuck stops here.


Me said...

Clearly it was a great year - deserved for all your work

Tracklister said...

How the hell did you do that ? Surgery ?
Last summer I was looking through a bag of old cloths in the garage to find a pair of trousers to use when gardening.
I laughed as I picked up a pair saying 28" waist, "ah the memories" (Chuckle) the next pair said 30" "sadly no" (less of a chuckle), the next pair said 32" and although I could wear them I looked like I was about to explode, I had trouble breathing and one of my testicles was telling me not to sit down if I ever wish to play doctors & nurses ever again.
Since then I have also lost weight, My problem has never really been food, it's exercise and until I found a way of moving about that was enjoyable to me (walking in the countryside) I would never have lost so much as a pound

Stevyn Colgan said...

Ha! The E-Plan diet! (That's E for Eunuch). Now ... The secret of my weight loss? Exercise and putting fewer calories into your body than you burn off during the day.

Damn! The secret's out! Now I'll have to kill you ...

punk in writing said...

Well done!

Exercise and fewer calories may sound dull and unfashionable, but it works!