Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Best Photographs of 2007

As I did last year, here are my best shots from the year gone by. At least, these are the ones I think you might be vaguely interested in. I'm not a photographer (that much is obvious) but every so often the camera surprises me by turning in a shot that makes me say 'Wow'. These are they. Click on any of them for a larger version.

They are:

  • A cat that bravely wandered into my garden during the Summer - despite me having two dogs and two cats of my own. No wonder it stayed up in the tree.
  • Tower Bridge, London on a warm Autumn morning. I like the way the shag on the right posed for me by drying its wings.
  • A typical country lane in Gloucestershire during the worst floods we've had in years.
  • An extraordinary cloudscape over St Ives, Cornwall taken just a few days before Christmas.
  • The old P & O Tower in the City of London that, due to its unusual architecture is having to be demolished from the bottom up. I love the guy holding the lamp post up.
  • View across the sea to the Isle of Arran at sunset back in February.
  • The 'Erotic Gherkin' in the City of London (actually called the Swiss Re Tower) with older buildings reflected in its faceted surface. It really is a thing of beauty. The reflections wonderfully juxtaposed the old and the new.
  • The moment that Londoners all held their breaths back in November. Thankfully it was a fire at a warehouse near the site of what will be the Olympic Village in 2012, rather than another terrorist attack.
  • And finally, two stout fellahs I met at the Birmingham comics convention. Despite them looking like people you would trust your pets with, you couldn't hope to meet two nicer chaps. And if anyone knows their names, I'll be glad to post them up.

All photographs are (c) 2007 Stevyn Colgan. If you use any of them, credit me or I'll send the boys round.

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