Monday, January 21, 2008

All the Fun of Affair

I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but I was genuinely surprised to receive spam today from an agency that, if the advertising blurb is true, boasts one and three quarter million members around the world who are all looking for extracurricular nookie. This agency - and I presume there are others like it - provides a covert method for people to have affairs. Extraordinary.

Does it say something about the way society is changing? I'm not sure. It's prompted me to ask whether such a thing would have existed 50 years ago. Let's imagine that the internet was around in 1958 ... would men and women have joined a site like this?

There's no denying that people were having affairs back in the 1950s. Divorce rates were substantially lower but that was heavily due to women having fewer opportunities for independence. I suppose that there was a stronger sense of duty and responsibility back then; there was a tougher code of morality and greater belief in religion. But people were still having clandestine trysts when the muse and the urge took them. The difference is that women stood to lose so much more.

So I have a feeling that if this agency and its ilk had existed then, it would have been stuffed to the gills with male members (oo-er) and a very few independently wealthy women looking for a bit of fun. All of which means that it would have failed ... or quickly become a kind of gay dating service.

Fascinating stuff. Oh, and the reason I've pixellated the name of the agency is not because of moral outrage ... it's because I'll be damned if I'll give advertising space to spammers. You want to find the site? It wouldn't take long on Google.

The question you have to ask yourself is ... why would you want to find it?

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