Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today's Diversions

Care of Exene's always excellent blog I've been to visit Dutch designer Maarten Janssens' brilliant paper models site today at Three Eyed Bear. I've had a go at making the snowman. Great fun although I had some problems with the hat. Follow his links page for more paper models ... although some of them ask for small donations to download patterns. Fair enough I guess for the time and effort they've expended in designing things for me to waste my time on.

And Ian the Git (you know who you are) has put me on to Ecospheres - small, self-contained and self-sustaining ecosystems of algae, bacteria and red shrimp. They carry on working for 2-3 years, often more.

He has one. Now I want one!


Me said...

Thanks for the link - child now a happy bunny!

Ian Gale said...

Yay Go Shrimpies!!!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Yay! Ian the Git joins my Chorus of Commenters. About bloody time too.