Friday, November 30, 2007

Respect is due

While negotiations continue on selling the rights to my first book, I just wanted to congratulate a friend of mine who has pipped me to the publishing post.

Joel Meadows is a terrific writer and columnist who started his own magazine over a decade ago. Tripwire was (and still is) the best, independently owned comics and film review magazine on the market. It's had its ups and downs as any creator-owned title does but Joel has stuck with it and has never dropped the quality of his product. He is highly respected in the comics and film world and can count many artists and writers among his friends.

This year saw the Tripwire title refreshed and invigorated with the 2007 Tripwire Annual. But now Joel has landed a deal with Image Comics to produce his first book for them - Studio Space. Using their well-earned connections, Joel and co-author Gary Marshall have visited many of the world's top comic artists at their personal studios to interview them about their careers and methods of work and the working environments they've created for themselves. Among the luminaries featured are Mike Mignola, Brian Bolland, Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Tim Sale, Dave Gibbons, Bryan Talbot, Steve Dillon, Sergio Toppi, Jim Lee and many more.

Studio Space goes on sale in 2008. More news closer to publication date. Buy it in your thousands.

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joelmead said...

Thanks, mate. When you get something concrete with your current negotiations, I'll be happy to raise a metaphorical glass to you too…