Tuesday, November 06, 2007

One last rubbish artist ...

Having displayed and praised the work of Ptolemy Elrington and Sophie Thompson, both of whom make fabulous art from the stuff we throw away, I felt that I had to complete the trilogy with David Kemp. A local boy from my neck of the woods in Cornwall, David has enjoyed huge success with his sculptures.

Included here are Wooden Whaler (1989 - made from old Cornish clinker-built fishing boats and drfitwood planks), The Hounds of Geevor (1998 - a pack of hounds made from the discarded boots after the closing down of one of Cornwall's last tin mines), King Coal (1993 - made from bricks recovered from a demolished bridge, a shaft impeller fan and miners' shovels) and Released Spirits (1981 - made entirely from plastic containers and other rubbish washed up on Cornish beaches).

Several of his pieces are on display within the grounds of the Eden Project, and The Tib Street Horn is a major installation in the centre of Manchester. Also worth checking out is The Navigators at London's Hay's Galleria.

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