Sunday, November 18, 2007

More rave reviews

My son Liam's band continues to get rave reviews ... his first million (and my new car) loom ever closer:

From Subba Cultcha:

Impressive and diverse début from young British metallers

This Dying Hour are a British band with more ideas than you can shake a shattered drumstick at, and their début EP, Longest Memory From The Shortest Life, is the sound of them trying to cram every single one into just four songs.

And it's surprisingly successful, due in part to the restraint mixed in with the aggression and intricacy. It's a hard piece of work to classify, but that's more due to a bankruptcy of usefulness of sub-genre definitions in an environment when the things breed like flies; file under 'metal' and be done with it – let the music speak for itself. Which it does; for a début, there's an impressive range of sounds and textures on display, and they're actually balancing and working together within the context of the songs as opposed to being jammed together like mismatched musical sardines. Metronomic double kick drums underpin thrashy muted chord work and subtle fingertapping passages; shouts and screams that wouldn't be out of place in hardcore (especially when combined with the brutal grooves of the bottom end) are played off against clean sung vocals from a distinctive voice; delicate little intros and incidental parts; riffs and clichés from the last few decades of metal re-engineered and reclaimed, made new again. There's even some piano in there, believe it or not.

It's a very promising start indeed; if This Dying Hour can deliver a full-length with this degree of skill and diversity, we'll have another British band to add to the ranks of serious contenders in the metal domain. Keep an eye (and an ear) open. Paul Raven

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