Saturday, November 03, 2007

I don't remember signing in blood ...

Following advice from Me and Spud, I've hitched up my skirts and run away from Facebook. At least, I've done what I can ... all I can apparently do is deactivate my account. But it will be reactivated if I log in again. Oh, and may still get emails, it tells me. So I can't actually leave. I'd have found it easier to re-negotiate the sale of my soul to the Devil I reckon.


I apologise now to those of you who do contact me by Facebook - Luvverly Liz, Juicy Lucy, Delicious Debbie, Nubile Nicky and Ian the Git to name but a few - but we can still have meaningful chats and discussions by other, better, means. We can, honestly. We did before.

How about a pint?

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