Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boobies, Baps, and Bangers

I learned from my chum Murphy today that he's been tracking visitors to his blog and found that a number of them had been referred to his site by the dodgy searches they'd been doing in Google. Because (for reasons I won't go into here) his blog contains words like 'minge' and 'boobies' any Googling incorporating those words can lead people to his blog. And has done so. What a great way to elicit visitors I thought!

I then found several blogs that openly admitted to using words that attracted people to them; obvious phrases like nude, naked, sex etc. But also people who are in the news like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Janice Dickinson etc. Who knows, just by mentioning them here I may get some hits.

However, for a lark, I'm now going to create a list of as many different expressions for breasts as I can think of. Then, in a week's time, I'll check my tracking software to see how people got to my site via searches using any of these words. It'll be interesting to see how many got here via the booby route!

Boobs, Baps, Bangers, Funbags, Tits, Bosoms, Knockers, Shirt Potatoes, Blouse-Busters, Bumps, Warts, Lady Lumps, Chests, White Meat, Breasticles, Bristols, Titties, Tatties, Milk Bottles, Nutcrackers, Dollies, Wibblies, Nibblies, Pillows, Paps, Yummies, Buffys, Yams, Mufflers, Mounds, Bunters, Pods, Thumpers, Top Bollocks, Snublings, Buds, Udders, Teats, Globes, Tugglers, Rack, Balcony, Jugs, Melons, Bazookas, Hooters, Bazoomas, Mammaries, Balloons, Bombs, Cupcakes, Milkmakers, Ninnies, Torpedoes, Bee-stings, Chi Chis, Puppies, Jubblies, Devil's Dumplings, ...

Any I may have missed? Let me know. Meanwhile, welcome new visitors!

Although ... are you the sorts of visitors I want?


Me said...

and they say boys grow into men...when?

Spud said...

You forget that they found my blog by searching for "my wifes Minge"
I would have hoped that an expierenced user would have at least known that he needed his wifes name in the search query.

be funny to see how many of my pervy hits you will get now you have my wifes minge in your comments :-)
he he.

I agree with "me". I do think you are bieng sexist. There is not a mention of Monster Cock, Penis, John Thomas, lob ons, Little Soldiers, teapots, dicks, schlongs, tools, love muscles, todgers, willy, custard cannon,purple headed furry clam stabber, Hampton Wick or even boner?

He he he ;-)

Me said...

I applaude Spud gender inclusive position. How refreshing - ha!

Isn't it funny how femail genitalia often has rather course descriptive words whilst male bits and bobs seem rather flattering in the main.

Me said...

Might have helped if I had written coarse rather the course....sigh!