Friday, November 16, 2007

Mr Personality

He looks like the president of the Freddie Mercury Appreciation Society (Texas Branch). He sings like Kermit the Frog. And he dances like a spanner. Meet Alan Gillett, the unexpected star of Music City Television Network's recent talent competition - a sort of low budget American Idol for the country crowd.

I love the description of his act on WFMU ...

'Standing slightly slouched in his black denim, cowboy hat and moustache (and looking a bit like 80s era Beefheart)- Alan is swallowed up by the massive blue carpeted stage (I guess keying in a snazzy background for him was out of the budget). In this monotone sea, being framed dead centre is enough to make anyone's effort at entertainment worthless - but Alan makes it work by being so deadpan and monotone himself. Alan eventually loosens up throughout the course of his eleven songs - first by incessantly flapping his hand at his side to keep rhythm and then by dancing ... an amazing dance ... a stilted step worthy of a spastic with both feet encased in concrete.'


Several of Alan's other appearances can be found on YouTube. And I hear there's talk of an album. Yikes! Still ... TV exposure didn't do William Hung any harm did it?

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