Sunday, October 28, 2007

Share the Love ... and the Crud

I've been trying to figure out (in my non IT-literate numpty way) how I can share some awful music with you. Well, I think I may have found it. Click on the links below and good old Box will give you the opportunity to listen to 10 of my favourite worst songs or, if you're feeling brave enough, to download them for later listening on your MP3 player.


Classical Muddley - The Portsmouth Sinfonia (More on this fab orchestra in a later post)
I'm going to Spain - Steve Bent (Great name and the best lyrics ever!)
29th September - Equipe 84 (Italian proggers)
A Lovers Concerto - Mrs Miller (You know all about her now)
This pullover - Jess Conrad (The King of Shite - incomparable)
Paralysed - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (Huh?)
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - William Shatner (He so should have known better)
I want my baby back - Jimmy Cross (Possibly the worst song of all time)
Queen of the night - Florence Foster Jenkins (La Jenkins - bags of cash, no talent)
Wunderbar - Zara Leander (Hitler's favourite singer - honestly!)

Some of these have been lifted from Kenny Everett's World's Worst Wireless Show so excuse any chatter ... and excuse any crackles, hisses and twitters. Some of these were recorded off the radio as long ago as 1977 so it's pretty amazing they still exist at all.

And, believe me, I have soooooooo much more to share ...


Me said...

This is possibly the largest collection of awful music I have ever heard. Why do this to your readers? Do you hate us???!!!!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hate you? I love you! I'm just a giver ...

Adolph said...

Thats GREAT music!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Is this the same Adolph who runs the blog at
If so - fantastic music choices my friend! I just wish I understood your language as well as you understand mine!