Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oh no! Not again!

I've just watched Thursday's new Peter Serafinowicz Show, which featured a recurring sketch about Sherlock Holmes getting jiggy with a less than enthusiastic Dr Watson. Well, for once, I got mine in first! Ha! Ha!

You may recall me whinging and huffing about the fact that I occasionally have what I think is a good idea and then some bastard beats me to the finishing post and I have to scrap my novel/ painting/ screenplay etc. Well, Mr Serafinowicz and I were obviously on the same wavelength here ... but I was first! Ha! Ha! and thrice Ha!

This strip, written by me and illustrated by James Murphy appeared in the 2007 Tripwire Annual, which was published nearly two months ago. In fact, Murphy posted one page of the strip up on his blog back in May (see it here. )

So once more I ejaculate ... Ha! In your face BBC!

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Me said...

The tide has turned!