Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More McMahon

Some kind words from Jorge F Muñoz on my Mick McMahon post made me go off in search of more work on the web. Check out Lines and Colours' Mick McMahon page, Rufus Dayglo's amazing collection of original Slaine art pages and 2000ADs Art Droid pages (where you can see more convention sketches if you sign up to join the site).

It's great to know that there are more McMahon fans out there and, as a treat, I've posted another of Mick's sketches from Birmingham last weekend - a Slaine drawn for Mr Murphy. I also include the little oddity above - three McMahon ladies. I can't remember exactly where I got it from but a small niggle scratching at the back of my head tells me that it was from a comics subscription ad in a 1980s comic. Any ideas out there?


jorge f. muñoz said...

wow, thanks for the plug and the nice comments :)

Anonymous said...

4 years later:

Its from EPIC Illustrated

I have one from April 1985 with the same Micks work on the subscription page.