Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'll have a new BMW Z4 Coupe please

I've got a jokey little bet going with my son Liam. I got signed to an agent around the same time his band This Dying Hour got signed to Casket Records. 'Right', I said, 'First one to earn a million buys the other a new car!' 'You're on!' he cried.

Judging by the reviews his band are getting for their first EP, Longest Memory from the Shortest Life, the little bastard's going to beat me to it ...

So I implore you metal heads out there to grab a copy from your local record shop, download it from i-tunes or buy it online.

Meanwhile, I'll clear the old car off the drive ...

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Me said...

Erm, Steve, can Liam be a bastard if you are his dad?
Your prose, I feel, might be a little of a contradiction!!!!
But his music is superb.
BTW - Jay picks his Z4 in a few weeks!

Spud said...

Just great mate. You must be the proudest geek dad in the world!