Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Great Beer Can Abduction

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Great Beer Can Abduction. It was a noble gesture intended to teach someone a lesson about sharing and being a better person.

It all started with a friend of my brother Jake who lives in Cornwall. Now, in many respects, Ian is a lovely chap. He's kind to animals. He rings bells. He opens doors for little old ladies. But he did have one bad habit ... he was a beer hog. He he would always turn up to a party with four cans of Cornish Rebellion Ale (brewed by the now sadly defunct Redruth Brewery) and proceed to drink all four. And what's so wrong with that I hear you cry? Well, the point is that he would hog his own beer, unwilling to share with others, but then once they'd run out, he'd happily drink everyone else's drinks. The cheeky monkey. He needed to be taught a lesson.
So, one evening, at a particularly good party, his four cans of beer were kidnapped while he was in the toilet. And for the next year or so, he kept receiving photographs and odd ransom notes from all over the world ... here are some of my shots.

It was a great laugh and it went on for a year or so. But, one by one, the cans were drunk, damaged or lost. The final one was thrown away by 'helpful' cleaning staff in a hotel in New York, sadly before any photographs were taken of the Big Apple. And as the brewery had gone into liquidation, we couldn't replace the cans.

The photos included here were taken in Sri Lanka, on the Millennium Eye and Trafalgar Square in London and somewhere over the Atlantic en route to Ireland.

So did Ian learn his lesson? Did he f ...


Me said...

Young man....whether he f or not seems not relevant in this tale!
Is this a confession of theft?!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Er ... ah. Point taken. Ian - please don't read this and sue!

Me said...

You doing contrite - well I never!