Friday, October 19, 2007

Desert Island Stig Pt 2

I couldn't leave the subject of Top Ten lists without listing my Bottom Ten now could I? Especially after baring my soul about my love of mediocrity. So here they are. If you can't find them to listen to, visit chronoglide's fantastic site and listen to The Bottom 30 1980 as most of these songs are in there somewhere. It's worth listening to the whole show anyway if only for the fabulous radio ads!

My Bottom Ten

1. I'm going to Spain - Steve Bent
2. 29th September - Equipe 84
3. Paralysed - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
4. If you walked away from me today - Jag
5. A Lover's Concerto - Mrs Miller
6. Dance with me - Reginald Bosanquet
7. This Pullover - Jess Conrad
8. I want my baby back - Jimmy Cross
9. Wunderbar - Zara Leander
10. You know what I mean - The Vernons Girls

Seek 'em out. And destroy them.

Since the passing of dear Cuddly Ken, the airwaves have been depressingly free of such crud. And yet, the potential for crap music must be greater than ever with home digital recording and portastudios going for a song on e-bay. So come on Radio 1! And Radios 2-6! And Capital and all you other indie commercial stations ... You MUST have these records stored away in those vaults of yours (Kenny Everett started an archive at Capital ... are they all still there mouldering in a cellar somewhere?)

Bring back the World's Worst Wireless Show!

I'm starting a petition.

One last note ... Visit Frank's Vinyl Museum - The Site for Weird Records. It's brilliant! Where else would you find such gems as Ethel Merman's Disco Album, Ted Heath's Big Ones and Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie.Now if only I could find a site dedicated to those K-Tel (Ronco?) Top of the Pops cover band albums they used to sell in Woolworths ...

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