Friday, October 19, 2007

Top of the Paps

Oh the shame ... oh the embarrassment ... but having mentioned Pickwick's Top of the Pops cover albums in the last post, I had to find some sites about them. And I did.

There's a great write up about them at Darren Rigby's Postcards from the Hedge. Also, it's worth checking out Easy on the eye, Cover-girl and Cover Heaven for more of the same. And David Hepworth gives them a mention here.

In later years, the covers got saucier and saucier, eventually using well-known models like Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi.

These albums made my adolescence a much better time than it could have been. The music was shite though. Bad cover versions by unnamed musicians and at least two tracks on every album that you'd never heard of (probably because it only reached number 10006 in the charts).

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